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 We are an Interfaith organization. We honor the truth in all religions. We accept people of all faiths and invite every one to join us in our spiritual journeys. It doesn't matter by what name you call your God or Goddess; it's what's in your heart that counts. You are all important to us. Your own individual path to spiritual growth is always accepted in this church without judgment as long as you harm no one.

We believe in the Divinity of each person and the sacredness of nature. We believe in the power of prayer in all forms. We believe that Spirit is active in our lives and that we can receive wisdom and guidance directly from Source or from other entities such as Angels and spirit guides.

We have been recognized by the State of Michigan as a church for over 90 years.

Living is Learning to Love.


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8267 E Atherton Rd, Davison, Michigan 48423

Email Us: fmc@firstmetaphysicalchurch.org

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